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Hi, I'm Sharayah. Wisconsin Real Estate Broker and

Owner of Fromstein & Co.


With over 15 years of business ownership and a track record as a top-producing real estate agent in my local community, I possess the expertise and readiness to assist you in achieving your home goals.

Real estate has always been a profound passion in my life, stemming from my upbringing where I had the privilege of participating in house flipping endeavors with my parents. Witnessing my family successfully flip, acquire, and sell more than 25 houses across southeastern Wisconsin and Hawaii over an 18-year period instilled in me a comprehensive understanding of homes and the specific aspects to consider during property inspections. Additionally, my mother's expertise in interior design nurtured my ability to discern stylistic elements, which seamlessly translates into the art of home staging, ultimately leading to successful home sales.

These foundational traits have accompanied me throughout my life and significantly contributed to my flourishing career in real estate. Given my profound connection to the field, I approach each individual, couple, or family I have the privilege of working with as if they were a part of my own family. When you choose to work with me and my team, we collaborate to fulfill your aspirations using our proven process. This process integrates the art of home preparation and staging, combined with our extensive knowledge of marketing and negotiation, resulting in the successful sale or purchase of your home. I can't wait to work with you!


Angela's passion is helping others! 15 years of successful entrepreneurship has taught her an invaluable skillset including fantastic communication, grit and determination and the drive to help others succeed! This translates beautifully into the Real Estate Industry and has helped her accomplish great things in her career already!

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